Business Events

At Mariells Santoni Wedding & Event Planner we are passionate about business events, and we work hard to produce extraordinary corporate happenings that include meetings, presentations, celebrations, and company parties. We know what’s important to you and your business. A successful event is the result of a planning every detail, setting the right tone, delivering the right message, and distinguishing your brand.

With over 10 years experience in event planning, we know that no two events are ever the same. Every client and every company is different. This is what makes our job exciting and challenging at the same time.

We approach each project with a fresh eye. Our goal is to meet our client’s individual needs, providing highly tailored, detail-oriented service and anticipating problems before they arise.

We will work with you to define your vision and design your event concept which helps you strenghten your brand and build lasting relationship with your clients and partners.

We offer a complete range of business event services:

  • Identification of the clients’ goal, resources and budget
  • Finding the most original and suitable location for a company event
  • Defining the creative concept
  • Organization of the event
  • Promotion of the event
  • Hostess Services and Security Staff
  • Catering Services

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